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Author of Le Berceau (Bold Strokes Books)

Finalist in the Gay Scribe Awards

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Julius Eks is a British author. Following on from his career as a professional musician, Eks now divides his time between homes in the UK and rural France, where he spends his time writing and hiking in the mountains. Le Berceau, a finalist in the Erotica category of the Gay Scribe Awards, is his first novella.


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Debut Gay Erotic Romance Novella from Julius Eks (Bold Strokes Books)

Ben considers himself lucky. He found Gabriel early in life and he is loved.

But at twenty-one, he’s beginning to question if the boat of youthful independence will soon set sail without him. Will his devotion to Gabriel prevent him from exploring with other guys? Will he ever get to experience the heart-wavering thrill of falling in love again?

Vacationing on Gabriel’s family boat on the French Riviera, Ben is unprepared for the arrival of Leo, a beautiful adolescent thriving in the noontide of carefree nonchalance. Over the course of a single day, Ben battles his burgeoning lust and intensifying guilt.

Will he betray Gabriel, who has done nothing but love him? Or can he resist the carnal temptation of the most beautiful boy he has ever seen?

Buy now as an E-book from Bold Strokes Books and other online vendors (March 2020)

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Julius Eks

Julius Eks is a British author of gay fiction.

Eks started out life as a professional musician, traveling the world for many years (under a different name) as a concert pianist and composer. Still active as a musician, Eks divides his time between homes in the UK and rural France, where he spends his time writing and hiking in the mountains.

During his career, traveling the globe and meeting many fascinating queer people from different backgrounds, Eks realised that these stories need to be told. He likes to write about the under-represented members of the LBGTQ+ community and finds great fulfillment in learning from their experiences through his writing and research. He enjoys learning about the lives of queer people from different cultures and times, with a view to giving them a literary voice and further enriching the rainbow book repertoire.

Le Berceau is his first novella. Set on a boat on the French Riviera, this Gay Erotic Romance follows the journey of Ben as he battles with his lustful desire for the youthful adolescent, Leo. Le Berceau is now available as an E-book from the Bold Strokes Books website and other online vendors

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"I don't believe in motivational quotes..."

- Julius Eks

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